Processo produttivo - laboratorio artigianale - La Russolillo

Productive process



The production process has remained faithful to the type of homemade production, as it was tradition until a few years ago in almost all the families of Campania, such as the scalding of tomatoes and pasteurization of the finished product in a bain-marie (thermal process much more delicate of industrial ones that allows us to better preserve the organoleptic properties).

The hand-picked tomato harvest, careful selection in the company and storage times of no more than 24 hours also allow us to avoid the use of citric acid, the main reason for the difference in taste between our products and the industrial ones ( citric acid is


also the cause of heartburn that many warn with the use of industrial tomato preserves and no longer with our products). After 30 years of experience and 10 years since the foundation of the brand.

La Russolillo can now boast a fairly automated production line, able to combine efficiency and respect of the principles of craftsmanship production and this allows us to face large domestic and foreign sales channels, thanks also to offering a basket of Italian excellence , also organic (oc Bioagricert from 2015), which accompany the consumer from appetizers, pasta and seasonings.


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