Pasta Artigianale - La Russolillo - trafilata a bronzo


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High quality hard grains, processed with the ancient method of bronze drawing and dried slowly, create a unique handmade pasta.

Bronze drawing

Drawing is the process by which the dough is passed through extrusion (or compression) through a template, with holes of different shapes and sizes that reproduce the desired pasta format. The bronze drawing is done with a shape of this material. Its characteristics contribute to give the surface of the dough a rougher and porous structure that improves the absorption of the flavors and colors of the condiment.


Slow drying

The pasta drying process consists in a progressive elimination of water from the product just out of the extruder, lowering its humidity around 12.5%. By drying at a slow temperature and at a low temperature it is possible to preserve all the nutritional values of the ingredients: proteins, antioxidants, fibers and amino acids present in the raw materials, which are fundamental for a healthy diet and for the digestibility of the pasta itself.


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