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The production process of the Italian tomato conserves of La Russolillo has remained faithful to the type of homemade production, as it was tradition until a few years ago in almost all the families of Campania.

We use the scalding of the tomato and the pasteurization of the finished product in a bain-marie (thermal process much more delicate than the industrial ones that allows us to better preserve the organoleptic properties).

The hand-picked tomato harvest, careful selection in the company and storage times of no more than 24 hours also allow us to avoid the use of citric acid, the main reason for the difference in taste of our Italian tomatoes and industrial preserves (citric acid is also the cause of heartburn that many warn with the use of industrial tomato preserves and no longer with our products).


Homemade tomato preserves, 100% natural products without the use of citric acid.


Peeled tomato sauce in tin 500g and 3kg.

The speech that we can do on the Peeled tomato is similar to that just made for the tomato past.

The key is to use a healthy tomato at the start, in order to obtain a peeled tomato intact (and not crushed) and perfectly peeled, stored in tin to contain costs in large retailers. They are available in sizes of 500g for home use and in the 3kg format for catering.

Fine tomato pulp ready pizza in tin format 5 kg

For restaurants and pizzerias, a cheaper alternative to bald, without sacrificing a high quality standard, typical of all our products.

Spaccatelle (fillet) of tomato in a 360g jar

La Spaccatella (fillet)is a typical product of southern Italy. It consists in cutting into four parts the long tomato, known with the famous name of San Marzano, without peeling it, and insert it in the container filled with tomato sauce. This product is more known as a tomato fillet.


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